Clowning Around

In every rodeo you have clowns, it’s just a fact. These clowns help distract audiences from the the reality of the situation (a bull might kill a rider in front of your face), so it’s only fair to give those clowns a little spotlight. For today’s Rodeo Clown we will examine the personality of owner, Mark Cuban.

Where do we start with Mark? He’s is an American businessman, investor, film producer, author, television personality and philanthropist. He even makes time to own the Dallas Mavericks. With so many titles it makes sense that he can come off as a very “in your face” and aggressive personality. I mean, that passion has to come from somewhere.

giphy (10)

When he says, “drop the mic,” you better drop it…literally.

This guy knows how to really drive any competitor down! Not only that, he is a consistent superfan and spectator at almost every game. He shows a tremendous amount of support, but when they lose he can also display an equal amount of frustration. Sometimes more than expected from an owner.

giphy (11)giphy (12) When he tells the team to get physical, he really means it! You can tell he takes his job very seriously and we love that about our favorite (sometimes psycho) owner. He also knows how to keep his team as well as fans fed! He recently signed a seven-year deal with Pizza Hut!

giphy (13)

If that doesn’t make you excited to watch a basketball game, I’m not sure what will! Maybe the pizza will make Cuban less hangry, I guess we’ll see. Anyway, cheers to you Mr. Cuban, you’ve taken the responsibility of a rodeo clown to a new level!



Dammmmn Dirk back at it again with the…well everything.

Every game, every season, and every match Dirk Nowitzki has been a consistent leader for the Dallas Mavericks. We’ve had 18 seasons with this guy and he’s still letting the new guys know that he’s in charge. He’s known as a gentle giant off the court and an aggressive leader on the court. For today’s Daily Dirk we’ll look at all sides of this loyal teammate’s personality.

There’s Rock star Dirk:

 giphy  giphy (7)

Killing the shaggy hair don’t care look and “rocking” it. Nick Carter is that you? #flowfordays #flowisflow #BackStreetIsBack #ALLRIGHT

There’s the Fun and Relatable Dirk:

 giphy (1) giphy (6)

Come on, who doesn’t love a professional athlete that doesn’t take themselves too seriously? #TooLegitToQuit

Then there’s the fact that he is literally the Mavericks OG (Original Gangster):

giphy (2)

So supportive, so competitive, and so old-school! Gotta love him! #AintNothinButAG-Thang

There’s Adventurous Dirk:

giphy (3)

Conquering one dramatic fake foul at a time! World Cup watch out! #TIMMMBERR #GOAAL

Then there’s Bad Ass Dirk:

giphy (5)

giphy (4)

Ohhhhhh KILLLL EMMMM… He’s an absolute beast!

Overall we can’t get enough of Dirk because without him the Mavs wouldn’t be where they are today!

Apparently Mavs are afraid of Thunder…


To put it simply, the Dallas Mavericks needed to win their last game on Saturday, unfortunately this is what happened…

giphy (8)

They lost…108-70.

It marked the fewest points allowed and the largest margin in a Thunder win in its playoff history, and the Oklahoma City faithful let the Thunder know about it throughout the night. The Thunder thrived off of its defense, which was suffocating for most of the night, although the Mavericks did miss some shots it normally makes. Regardless, the Thunder was able to limit Dallas starters not named Nowitzki to a combined 5-for-25 shooting, and a total of 11 points. For the night, the Mavericks shot just 29.8 percent, including 4-for-18 (22.2 percent) from the three-point line.

Looking forward, the Mavs are still 6th in the Eastern Conference. Hopefully tonight they can show OKC Thunder who’s boss!

giphy (9)

Let’s get the job done!