Dammmmn Dirk back at it again with the…well everything.

Every game, every season, and every match Dirk Nowitzki has been a consistent leader for the Dallas Mavericks. We’ve had 18 seasons with this guy and he’s still letting the new guys know that he’s in charge. He’s known as a gentle giant off the court and an aggressive leader on the court. For today’s Daily Dirk we’ll look at all sides of this loyal teammate’s personality.

There’s Rock star Dirk:

 giphy  giphy (7)

Killing the shaggy hair don’t care look and “rocking” it. Nick Carter is that you? #flowfordays #flowisflow #BackStreetIsBack #ALLRIGHT

There’s the Fun and Relatable Dirk:

 giphy (1) giphy (6)

Come on, who doesn’t love a professional athlete that doesn’t take themselves too seriously? #TooLegitToQuit

Then there’s the fact that he is literally the Mavericks OG (Original Gangster):

giphy (2)

So supportive, so competitive, and so old-school! Gotta love him! #AintNothinButAG-Thang

There’s Adventurous Dirk:

giphy (3)

Conquering one dramatic fake foul at a time! World Cup watch out! #TIMMMBERR #GOAAL

Then there’s Bad Ass Dirk:

giphy (5)

giphy (4)

Ohhhhhh KILLLL EMMMM… He’s an absolute beast!

Overall we can’t get enough of Dirk because without him the Mavs wouldn’t be where they are today!


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